All organizations are essentially complex systems.  Because of this complexity making a change by top-down direction generally fails not because people are change resistant, but because they are opposed to spending the energy on what they believe is unnecessary change.  Our workshops are designed to be implemented in a quasi-bottom up manner, based on our experience that shows when work can be made both easier and more productive viral adoption is the norm.
Guided Self-OrganizationTM: As Much Freedom as Possible | As Much Direction as Needed
Whether it is the internal communication, strategy management, governance or decision making, in the agile world, all need to operate at the speed and reliability of a high-speed train. Guided Self-Organisations provides the generic framework to adjust these traditional best practices and tools such they deliver to this goal. This framework shows how
  • decision making can be moved to the optimum level through a two-page only, core-governance structure
  • directions can be written to enable agility
  • directives, services, standards and processes can be kept reasonability up-to-date, despite the environment changes quicker than the documentation can be updated
  • the agile, bi-directional communication can be made to happen at management and expert levels
  • culture can be changed without a culture change project
Available services
  • 4-hour demonstration workshop
  • Creating the executable transformation framework for Guided Self-Organisation in your organization: interviews and one to a few workshops
  • Coaching: implementation and operational experiences with 30.000 employees; lessons learned; do’s and don’ts