Donna Fitzgerald, an internationally recognized speaker and author, is one of the leading experts on simple, practical ways to transform your organization into a Business Agile powerhouse. The secret to accomplishing this goal, according to Ms. Fitzgerald is to start the change from the bottom-up and adopt the change from the top down.  Given her background in corporate finance and her lifetime of leadership in the Project and Portfolio community, Ms. Fitzgerald focuses her advise on how to use the concept of strategy execution as a transformational vehicle. 


Keynote Topics of General Interest

  • The 7 Key Practices Of A Business Agile Organization
  • Permission: The Simple Secret To A More Innovative Culture
  • For Digital Business Success – Become An Adaptive Enterprise
  • How To Make Room For Humans In An AI Dominated Future
  • Successful Execution Of Strategy Requires A Strategy Realization Office

Specialized topics (available on site or as webinars)

  • Success In The Digital Future Requires Adopting A Product Mindset
  • PMO Transformation: Opportunities In A Digital, Agile World
  • Upgrading Your PMO: From Reporting To Recommendations
  • Common Sense Software Capitalization In An Agile Environment

Workshops for PMO

  • The Project Management Zoo – A Workshop In Stakeholder Management


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