At Nimble PM we are committed to helping you realize more value from your strategic efforts, in the shortest amount of time. We are also committed to ensuring that any organizational changes you make to accomplish your goals become an embedded party of your company culture.

Strategy Execution Workshops:

  1. Adopting Adaptive Portfolio Investment Management: This workshop will take your individuals involved in your portfolio process through a new approach that will significantly improve the success rate and the value of the projects and programs you chose to fund.
  2. Collaborative Value Centered Business Cases – How would you like to reduce your business case process from months per business case to a few weeks based on a single 4 hour meeting?  How do we do this?  By helping know which decisions need to be made at which time.  Many organizations spend a huge amount of time preparing a complete business case for something that won’t be approved and others try and over simplify the process such that it is actually unclear what strategic value is being delivered.
  3. Facilitated Value Centered Business Case – we often find that clients can agree with something intellectually but find it hard to put into practice. For companies that have chosen to go forward with CVCBC we offer a train the trainer approach by facilitating an actual business case meeting.  The business case must be real and the people in the room must be the right people for the discussion.
  4. Effective decision making – this is a two part workshop. The first part is at the executive level where we discuss what it means to have decisions made at the lowest level possible.  We also help senior managers relearn the art of refusing to make someone else’s decision.  The next series of workshops is with the targeted group of new decision makers.  Building the culture where people learn how to make better decisions is an absolute necessity for any business that wants to be more agile.
  5. Executing the Strategic Program – The most effective way to execute strategy is NOT to kick-off dozens of independent projects on the belief that they all contribute something to strategy. Historically this approach might get some short-term operational payback but it rarely if ever leads to a solidly realized strategic goal.  The right approach is to organize 1 to 5 top level strategic programs and manage them as such.   Since most organizations are completely lacking in true program management capabilities we offer a “roll-up the sleeves” working session to help companies even know where to start.  If necessary we can also run a basic introduction to program management workshop for your staff.