Agile Strategy Execution is a Prerequisite for Digital Business Success

By linking the concept of business agile to strategy execution, organizations can make better choices about what to do and, more importantly, how and when to do it for maximum effectiveness (through appropriately sequencing the work).

The word “agility” in the context of strategy execution implies both speed and grace. Any organization can move quickly — it is grace that is the more elusive factor since grace implies balance, a lack of wasted motion, clarity and focused commitment to the desired outcome. Grace takes discipline, and discipline requires a combination of knowledge and practice. We believe that by adopting a Business Agile mindset as a key component of strategy execution, organizations can build an enduring capability that many of their competitors will be unable to emulate

The place to start with Business Agile is to begin by committing to the shortest possible deadline required to achieve a viable outcome, without burning out people and without disrupting day-to-day operations. Each organization will need to make a unique set of decisions about how work should be structured to allow their employees to be as creative and effective as possible.  But experience has shown that done correctly; this is one reorganization that the majority of employees support entirely.

At NimblePM we are committed to helping you realize more value from your strategic efforts, in the shortest amount of time.  It turns out that there are certain points in the life-cycle of any initiative that will require making real-time decisions about what is truly important and then fully implementing those decisions across all impacted areas. 

Many organizations believe that their project life-cycle gates already serve this function but in our experience – project gates are at best a day late and a dollar short and at worst completely worthless. 

Our goal is to help you make the smallest amount of organizational change for the highest impact.   All companies have unique needs and unique cultures, and we don’t advocate a one size fits all approach.   What we can help you do is learn when to make decisions and what information you need to have to make a decision that will be good enough to get the job done.

If more agility and faster results would help you, please give us a call.


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